AetherSX2 for UWP

Including Xbox consoles in dev mode only.

NOTE: This port is maintenance only - it will be updated alongside upstream, but we're not working on anything specific to it.

For Xbox One/Xbox One S/X, you'll want to use the SSE4 version. But the CPU in this console is very weak, don't expect games to run well. For Xbox Series, you can use the AVX2 version.

Installation steps:

  1. Ensure your console is in developer mode. You will need to purchase a developer license from Microsoft.
  2. Download the appx file appropriate for your console.
  3. Navigate to the device portal for your console (displayed in the home screen).
  4. Install the appx file by clicking Add in the main page.
  5. Set the app to Game mode instead of App mode if it is not done automatically: Scroll down to AetherSX2 in the listing, press the Change View button, select View Details, and change App to Game.
  6. Upload a BIOS image to the local state directory for AetherSX2, or place your BIOS image on a removable USB drive. If using a USB drive, you will need to set the BIOS path in settings to point to this directory.
  7. Add games to the local state games directory, or use a removable USB drive. Again, you will have to register this path in Game List Settings for it to scan.

Once a game is started, you can press LB+RB to open the pause menu.

AetherSX2 is provided under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives International License (BY-NC-ND 4.0,

This means that you cannot use AetherSX2 to make money, or distribute it in other paid apps, or apps with ads.

We do not permit users to redistribute this appx package on the Windows Store.

The Windows Store does not allow emulators, it is specifically against their policy (see section 10.13.10 of This means for Xbox consoles, you are only authorized to use this app in dev mode. We reserve the right to report anyone trying to redistribute this app in retail mode for store policy violation.

AetherSX2 uses third-party code. You can view the licenses for this code by examining the 3rdparty.html file below.